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Custom Imports Service


Import items & goods from the U.S. to Bermuda. Let us be your personal overseas shopper!

We can help you source any item and ship it in.

Our imports service is an easy 2 step process:

Step One: Shop online and send your order to Simply copy and paste the link for each item that you would like to purchase. We can also suggest websites for you to browse.

Step Two: We take care of the rest! We will order your item, ship it, clear it and let you know when it is available for pick up or we can deliver your order for a fee.

Payment: Payment is due upon ordering, in USD. The balance is due upon delivery or pick up, in BMD. All payments to be made by cash, check or bank transfer. NO credit/debit cards accepted.


What are the fees?

We charge a processing fee, plus your shipping and duty. 

What is the standard delivery time?

Containers come in in twice a month so your wait time is minimal, depending on the availability of your product in the United States.

Is there a size limit on items?

No items you want are too small or too large. We will ship toys, household products, or even furniture and large appliances. If you want to order something like mini blinds and you require window measuring and installation, we can provide you with that service.

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